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Global Gutz 2002

Global Gutz 2002 is history.

Thanks a lot to all you guys who organized it in your town. We hope you all had a good time.

Stef and Kamaal (the organizers from Amsterdam) won the lottery for the two free trips to Copenhagen for organizers. These two tickets are sponsored by the CBMA.

Also tickets to Copenhagen won our race-winners:
CHRIS THC SCHMIDT from Washington D.C. and
SIMONE CHARLES from Toronto.
Hope to see tons of you at the 10-20 in Berlin and of course the CMWCX in Copeland.
Thanks a lot to all our sponsors especially to Franziska from FBM studios.

2002 Results


chris thc schmidt  washington dc  31:16  Overall male winner
kevin x.  toronto  32:07
magnus  copeland  33:43
alex heimkind  hamburg  33:45
michel  bern  33:45
scott free  los angeles  33:55
nico west  chicago  34:00
kees  amsterdam  34:11
kalle voelker  nurnberg  34:30 
jagger express  berlin  34:47
vincent coursy  montreal  34:51
gimp  zurich  35:15
dominique dreier  basel  35:56
seng  minneapolis  36:31
eric zo  san francisco  36:32
omar dachi  ottawa  36:46
carlos robertson  calgary  36:57
paddy jones  sydney  37:04
tomac  warsaw  37:06
bodo  dresden  37:17
scabs  houston  37:30
georg  vienna  37:40
adam parkin  seattle  38:15
gogo  kyoto  38:26
josh  london  40:08
mike dodgy  adelaide  40:22
daichi helmi  tokyo  41:05 
ryan kelly  portland  41:08
john mahon  dublin  42:50
micha  dallas  44:00
blaize felberbaum  geneva  51:46
anatol koch  bonn  58:41


Simone Charles  Toronto  36:40  Overall female winner
Rachel  Bern  37:19
Lisa Moskitos  Berlin  39:14
Lucie Poulin  Montreal  40:16
Megan  Los Angeles  41:05
Thule  Copeland  41:12
Yvonne  Zurich  42:21
Starla  San Francisco  42:52
Catsy  Vienna  43:12
Tamara Koch  Amsterdam  43:51
Kat West  Ottawa  43:58
Kate Frawley  Sydney  45:35
Therese  London  46:43
Jude Inksta  Adelaide  48:02
Guenevere Nyderek  Chicago  48:40
Deborah  Portland  50:41
Kasia Goos  Geneva  51:47
Teresa Schebiella  Dresden  54:16
Eva Mandok  Nurnberg  56:55
Alex Munro  Calgary  59:18
Lorraine Rotanelli  Seattle  60:30


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