Thad Graham
Washington DC, d. 13.December.2016

Thad Graham 

Veteran Washington DC bike messenger Thad Graham passed away on December 13, 2016.

Iím sad to announce that Thad Graham passed away at home last night. The family is in the process of making arrangements for Thadís funeral and I will be sure to post the information when it becomes available. God speed 99.
Eric Gilliand

Thad your honesty and humorous cynicism will be missed.
Zach Chariot Brown

Thad was one of the most ornery and yet, somehow, in his weirdo way, loving people I have ever met. He would mock your activities, as Sheba Farrin can attest, and yet join you in them just the same. I will miss his hugs, which it took me years to get. And I will miss his completely straightforward communication style. You always knew where you stood with Thad. Generally on his good side, even if he thought what you were doing was completely stupid.
Kimberly Reynolds

That's really sad to hear, he was a solid guy and hard working messenger. God bless Thad, rip brother.
Richard Grobb