Chris Soda
February 24, 1978 - 27.April.2014, cancer.

Chris Soda

Veteran Washington DC bike messenger Chris Soda passed away on April 27, 2014 after a difficult battle with cancer.

The shoes you wear are impossible to fill, wish we had more time. You made my world complete when you stayed with me out west recently. I know you felt the same. We bonded again as best friends, you were my oldest friend and now- my immortal friend. You are Legend, that of which dreams are made of. It brings me peace knowing this and still, i'm missing you even more every minute you're not around (physically). I love you so much!! Until we meet again, Rest peacefully little brother - Dan Soda

Chris Soda

My friend Chris Soda died yesterday.

I was just texting him on Thursday. I was trying to go visit him. Anytime between 8 and 8 he said. He said he was getting real bored. I was going to sneak him some weed candies. He would've really liked those.

I guess his cancer wasn't as real to me as it was to him. It feels really fucking real now. I'm so sorry, bro. I'll get you next time.
 - Andy Zalan

hey Chris... I miss ya
I miss our chance meetings...
I miss our impromptu hang outs...

I miss the surly Chris who did not like having his picture taken
but immediately put that image as his profile on facebook

I miss the Chris who would come into my house for a glass of water after a long ride and just kick it with me and my kids

I miss pre head trauma Chris
I miss post head trauma Chris

I miss running into Chris in the park
I miss riding along side of Chris until our trajectories took us different down different paths

I miss Chris and his off color sense of humor

if I miss Chris... there must be some people who really really miss Chris
-Joel Gwadz

Chris Soda and riding with no hands

For a year or two, I saw Chris Soda probably more than any other person I didn't live or work with.  He was that ubiquitous downtown.  I knew it was him because he never touched his handlebars.  He really should've just forgone the whole front end of his bike; every part of the bike north of the seat tube was unnecessary for that guy.  Just give him some pedals and a wheel, and he'd rip through traffic unharmed.


I've been waiting in vain for Chris to pop up here and be like "Christmas Miracle" and he's ok... "just joking"... "gaaaawwwwd"...
Kinda given up on that. After so much adversity in his life I just expected him to beat this.
Chris is one of the first dudes I met in the streets when I moved to the DC area in 2004. Right away when I saw him jone'in on "these WAXERS in the park" in Jas Woadie and Andy Zalan as we were meeting up in Faragut before Clarence gave me a radio... I knew the kid was a firecracker. Nevermind, more like TNT.

We were fast friends and I have a million memories... China Town Bus to NYC for Worlds in 05... Major failure trip to NACCC the next year... lol. Localizing the SSG, and generally just having more fun than work in the District.. I swear he danced with my sister at my wedding!

I missed him a lot when I basically retire from courier work when my daughter was born.. we'd run into each other when we could in later years.. I was happy to see him blossom as a courier racer and finding great folks who enabled him to get into "legit" racing.. He was always happy on the bike even when he was suffering. Dude was a strong mother.

When I think of my time on the bike and in the streets in DC I will always have Debt riding right there beside me... talking shit, making hairpin U turns to get a double take on some beautiful girl walking down the street... (in squeaky voice) "Hi, my name's Chris..." "Ok... never mind, bye..." Haha. ..
Love you Chris Soda. I will always rep for you my road dawg.

- Matthew James Ryan

My MessBro Chris Soda has fought and won so many battles in his short time on this Earth that I was sure he'd kick cancer's butt too. I'm devastated to hear about his passing.
Even though our friendship was not drama-free, I have mad respect and admiration for his strength and drive. He has had greater impact on me and the way I see life than he probably ever knew. Mad love for you, Soda! <3 Ride in Peace

- Meredith Begin

Chris' Obituary:

Christopher L. Soda, Feb 24. 1978 - Apr 27, 2014 Christopher L. Soda of Waldorf, on April 27, 2014; beloved son of Daniel and Pigoon Soda, brother of Daniel R. Soda III, Grandson of Daniel R. Soda Sr, nephew of LaVonne (Soda) Haley and Robert Soda; also eleven cousins. Chris previously worked as a Bike Messenger in Washington D.C for ten years, was a competitive bike racer and was also an avid artist. Visitation Friday 2-4 and 6-8 p.m., Huntt Funeral Home, 3035 Old Washington Rd, Waldorf, MD 20601. Service Sat., 9:30 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the American Cancer Society