Toronto Bicycle Laws and Fines

From: You and Your Bicycle Pamphlet by Metro Toronto Police

A bicycle is a vehicle. Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, a vehicleis defined as: "anything drawn, propelled, or drivenby any type ofpower including muscular power."

A Cyclist Is Required To Identify Himself or Herself to Police

218 (1) A police officer who finds any person contravening this Actor any municipal by-law regulating traffic while in charge of a bicyclemay require that person to stop and to provide identification of himselfor herself.

(2) Every person who is required to stop, by a police officer actingunder subsection (1), shall stop and identify himself or herself to thepolice officer.

(3) For the purposes of this section, giving one’s correct name andaddress is suffcient identification,

(4) A police officer may arrest without warrant any person who doesnot comply with subsection (2)

Wording and Set Fines

HTA Bicycle Violations

Improper bicycle lighting62(17)$30.00
Improper brakes on bicycle64(3)$90.00
No bell (horn) - bicycle75(5)$90.00
Defective bell (horn)75(5)$90.00
Operate unsafe vehicle84N.S.F.
Permit operation of unsafe vehicle84N.S.F.
Fail to wear proper helmet on bicycle(under 18)104(2.1)$60.00
Permit person under 16 not wearing proper helmet on bicycle104(2.2)$60.00
Careless Driving130$265.00
Disobey officer directing traffic134(1)$90.00
Drive on closed road134(3)$90.00
Disobey stop sign - fail to stop136(1)(a)$90.00
Fail to yield to traffic on through highway136(1)(b)$90.00
Fail to yield - yield sign138(1)$90.00
Fail to yield from driveway139(1)$90.00
Fail to yield to pedestrian140(1)(a)$90.00
Fail to yield to pedestrian approaching140(1)(b)$90.00
Pass stopped vehicle at crossover140(2)$90.00
Pass stopped streetcar at crossover140(2)$90.00
Cyclist - ride in crossover140(6)$90.00
Improper right tum141(2)$90.00
Improper left tum141(6)$90.00
Turn - not in safety142(1)$90.00
Change lane - not in safety142(1)$90.00
Fail to signal for tum142(1)$90.00
Fail to signal lane change141(2)$90.00
Fail to signal stop141(8)$90.00
Fail to yield to traffic144(8)$90.00
Amber light - fail to stop144(15)$90.00
Red light - fail to stop144(18)$90.00
Cyclist - ride in or along crosswalk144(29)$90.00
Bicycle - fail to tum out to right when overtaken148(6)$90.00
Fail to tum out to left to avoid collision with bicycle148(6)$90.00
Drive wrong way - one way traffic153$90.00
Unsafe lane change154(1)(a)$90.00
Fail to stop on right for emergency vehicle159(1)(a)$90.00
Permit attachment to vehicle160$90.00
Pass streetcar improperly166(1)$90.00
Attach to vehicle178(1)$90.00
Attach to streetcar178(1)$90.00
Ride 2 on bicycle178(2)$90.00
Fail to remain200(1)(a)$N.S.F.
Fail to report damage to highway property201$90.00
Cyclist - fail to stop218(2)$90.00
Cyclist - fail to identify self218(2)$90.00
Regulation 630
Bicycle on controlled acces highway1(a)$90.00
Metropolitan Toronto By-Law 32/92
Bicycle - fail to exercise due care when passing14(1)$85.00
Bicycle - fail to ride in single file 14(2)$85.00
Bicycle - unable to keep both hands on handlebars 15(2)$85.00
Bicycle - park as to obstruct (16)$85.00
Bicycle - ride on sidewalk over 61 cm (24")17(1)$85.00

Note: All fines are subject to court costs and a victim fine surcharge.($5 in most of these cases)

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